Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jessica Puts "Wiggle" In Strut

Those one or two people who read this blog know that I am prone to report on studies made by scientists, mathematicians and the like. I find the findings of these people, who apparently have little else to do, facinating.

The latest study comes from Cambidge University in England. A group of mathematicians associated with the university have determined that Jessica Alba has the "perfect wiggle." These guys found there is a ratio between the hips and the waist that accounts for the sway in a woman's walk.

In other words, "This ratio provides the body with the right torso strength to produce a more angular swing and bounce to the hips during the walking motion" as reported in the London newspaper, the Telegraph.

If perhaps you are wondering, the nearer the ratio is to 0.7 the better and sexier the strut. They studied some other women and the closest was Marilyn Monroe who came in at a 0.69.

For those of you who want to take measurements, if you have a 25" waist and 36" hips you would be just about the right proportions. As I like to do some work with math problems, I'm finding that if you expand the sizes and try to keep the ratio at or near 0.7, a young lady who stretches the tape measure to a waist of 36" and hips of 51" would still come in very near to the perfect ratio. But I ask if the strut of Jessica would be near the same as one of the bigger girls?It will take some observation at my people watching lab (WalMart) to make some determinations.

There are some things about Jessica that maybe you don't know -- other than her wiggle.

She spent the better part of her first three years of life in Biloxi, Mississippi. Her dad was in the Air Force, and they moved about some.

She graduated from high school at the age of 16. Must have some brains behind that wiggle.

She has at least two tatoos -- one of a daisy with a ladybug on it on the back of her neck and the Sanskrit word for "lotus" inside one of her wrists. I can't say if she has others and/or their locations.

She likes to cook -- nothing like a woman who likes to cook and wiggle. Her specialties are chicken enchiladas and homemade tortillas.

Her nickname is "Sky Angel" -- I have no idea what that is all about.

I suppose that is all you need to know about Jessica Alba. The next time you see her look for the "perfect wiggle."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Geography: A Must For U.S. Schools

I'm sure that you have seen the video clip over and over on the news unless you have been in a cave for the last couple of days.

Miss Teen South Carolina's response to the question about locating the United States on a world map was actually a tell-tale sign that many American students, and adults as well, are unable to locate almost anything on a map. I am not sure about her geography skills -- I'm inclined to believe that she was flustered and under a lot of pressure to answer a question she did not expect.

Melinda, my wife, teaches geography to ninth graders, and she tells some real horror stories about some of their abilities with maps. Geography should be a must in all high schools and a requirement for graduation.

I'm sure most of us will never be in Miss Teen South Carolina's situation, but I'll bet we have encountered similiar problems in answering questions, both oral and written. Remember that on some tests when you had absolutely no idea of an answer, you wrote a lot of BS trying to snow the teacher. This, of course, was not her situation because she had to think on her feet -- that is difficult for some people. I feel very sorry for her and her embarrassment over such a disjointed and senseless reply.

I do not do this to further embarrass the girl, but in case you missed it or was not sure what her answer was, the quote follows:

"I personally believe the U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, uh...people out there in our nation don't have maps, and, uh, I believe that our education like such as South Africa and, uh, Iraq everywhere like that, such as and...I believe that they should help the U.S., err, uh, should help South Africa and should help Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our..."
I truly feel for her or anyone else who has to suffer through the humiliation resulting from her remarks.

We joke about the safe answer to questions in a beauty contest is to somehow work into the answer that you want to help hungry children and are an advocate of world peace.

I have never been a big fan of all of these beauty contests where the sponsors are really not looking for the most intelligent contestant -- I think that they throw in the questions to make the competition look a little more legitimate.

So let's not punish Miss Teen South Carolina anymore -- she made the statement -- it was under pressure -- it probably doesn't reflect her intelligence.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Trip Back In Time

Saturday, August 25, 2007, at about 7:00 p.m. I boarded a time machine and was whisked back over 4 decades.

Travis and Laurette provided Melinda and me with this nostalgic trip. Our adventure back to years past began as Travis piloted the machine through a time warp at the gates of the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee.

I had not been to a county fair since I was in my late teens and had been a regular at the now defunct Clay County Fair in West Point, Mississippi.

I can only say that it was a most enjoyable trip as I yearned for those simplier days of youth and slathered a freshly-fried corndog with mustard and relived the sights, sounds and smells of days gone by.

With the big ferris wheel turning over and over in the background of the midway, Melinda and I stopped for a while at the cattle barn, grabbed seats in the grandstand and watched the judging of some beautiful white Charloias heifers and bulls. Then on to the poultry and rabbit area to view some chickens, ducks, turkeys and some strange-looking fowl and rabbits. Purple, blue, red and white ribbons hung from some of the cages as these animals had been judged to be the best of the lot.

I took a little walk of my own wandering through replicas of old businesses and shops of times past on to a vegetable garden maintained by the Wilson County Master Gardeners.

On the grounds were old farm tractors -- ones that I had not seen in years -- the John Deere A, the Farmall C and the International Harvester Cub. I was disappointed -- I did not see an old Ford or Ferguson -- the type of tractor that we had owed at our farm. These would have completed my trip to old farm equipment.

We visited the pavillion where baked goods, canned fruits and vegetables, quilts and other handiworks had been judged and were left on display for fairgoers to marvel, or in my case to sometimes say, "I can do better than that." No, Travis' apple pie was not there because officials had thrown it away earlier in the week when it did not garner one of the coveted ribbons.

About 10:30 Travis drove the time machine back into the present completing a journey of three and a half hours or so into a time long held dear to me.

Thank you Travis and Laurette -- I had a most wonderful time, and I hope this is a part of Americana that will not soon disappear as have so many of our other institutions of the past.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Where Did That Big Hole Come From?

A team of University of Minnesota scientists have stumbled on a great big hole in the universe. They say this thing is at least 1 billion light years wide -- or to convert that distance to something that we might better understand, we're talking about nearly 6 billion trillion miles of stark emptiness. Wow! What a hole!

The scientific study released Thursday says that the cosmic blank spot is devoid of stars, no galaxies, no giant sucking black holes nor even mysterious dark matter.

Supposedly astronomers have known for a long time that there are areas in the universe where no one had left the light on, but they are really astonished at the size of this.

Not being well versed in the science of astronomy (or any other science for that matter) I sort of felt that the universe was just full of holes. When the distance to your nearest neighboring planets, outside of our solar system, is measured in light years that would appear to me to be a pretty good sized hole. But what do I know -- I've just got common sense.

When your main job in life is to look out into an unbelievable expanse of stars, planets and all that stuff you become excited when something pops up that defies explanation. These nerdy guys and gals get pretty well worked up and start devising all kinds of theories like "holes in the universe probably occur when gravity from areas of bigger mass pull matter from areas of smaller mass." This would seem to be a logical conclusion, but what if it were something devised by those aliens who ride in UFO's so they can sneak in undetected to do their mischief while everyone is watching a big hole?

There was one quote that I thought was priceless -- Steve Maran, retired NASA astronomer, apparently said with a straight face, "This is incredibly important for something where there is nothing to it." Now, just what does that mean?

Maybe the true explanation is that God does have a sense of humor and delights in messing with the heads of mere mortals who try to unlock his mysteries. Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for scientific exploration, but we have to realize that we cannot possibly fully comprehend our Creator and His Creation.

It is a subject for another day, but comes to mind after writing this tongue in cheek stuff. I get really, really ticked when I hear some televangelists and ministers who completely understand God, all of His Creation and plans. They could even draw the plans of Heaven and put in the street names. I promise you will hear more about this.

Have a great, great weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blog Is Messing Up

I am still having some trouble with the blog. My latest will show up some time and some time it won't on my computer. If you see the one that is about Ole Miss hit "search blog" in the upper left and the one that starts CH4, CO2 etc. will pop up. I just went to the blog again and yesterday's did show up -- don't know what is wrong.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CH4, CO2, Al Gore & Norwegian Moose

With all due respect to Big Al Gore and his carbon dioxide and global warming theories, researchers in Norway now claim that a grown moose (or were they looking at Big Al?) produces 2,100 kilos of methane a year. I have no idea how much a kilo is, but I suspect it is a bunch. This would be equivalent to the amount of CO2 caused by an automobile on an 8,077-mile trip so says der Spiegel.

The moose, Norway's national animal, as you would expect releases methane out of both ends -- through burping and flatulence. Cows have the same problem, but I haven't been able to determine a moose to cow ratio, but I would think that the sizes of the moose and cow would figure into the equation.

This huge amount of burping and flatulating of methane is thought by the Norwegians to be more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.

There are estimated to be over 100,000 moose in Norway -- by my math that's 210 million kilos of methane floating around the heads of 4.6 million Norse people. Going on with this math problem we find that is over 4 1/2 kilos per man, woman and child. I might say that is a lot of burps and flatulence to deal with as one goes about his/her daily activities. But all of this is Norway's problem, and we have problems of our own -- don't we Big Al?

I have no idea nor do I care about the population of moose in the United States and Canada, but I do know that according to a joint report of the National Statistics Service (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) and the Canadian equivalent agency there are 111.3 million cows and calves combined (give or take a few) in the two countries as of January 1, 2007. This is good stuff -- I waded through some pretty dry research to get these numbers.

Now let us suppose a cow/calf on average burps and flatulates about half as much as a moose. Using that same Norwegian math I calculate that the Americans and Canadians are wallowing around in about 116 trillion 865 million kilos of methane just from our bovine population. Surely all animals (including homo sapiens) produce methane with those same bodily functions.

Big Al, let me throw something else at you. Methane is a relatively potent greenhouse gas with a high global warming potential. Big Al, if you'll take that chicken leg out of your mouth, you'll see where this is going. When averaged over 100 years each kilogram of CH4 (methane) warms the Earth 25 times as much as the same mass of CO2. But let's be fair to Big Al -- there is 220 times more CO2 in the atmosphere as CH4. But here is where it gets hairy -- CH4 contributes to the presence of CO2 because it has a half life of 7 years, so every 7 years half of the methane in the atmosphere is converted to CO2 and H2O. Don't you like it when a plan comes together?

I could go on and on with this stuff and probably will at a later date, but I'm getting tired and want to wrap this thing up. I am suggesting to Big Al as a start toward turning around this global warming thing we kill all the moose in Norway. Mind you it is just a start, but it has to be started somewhere, and it will probably be more effective than those environmental credits that you are buying and selling.

As I see it, and I ain't real smart, if a company or individual wants to throw more junk in the atmosphere or waste more energy, it or he/she just pays for the priviledge. Those enviromental credits are sold and traded just like stocks on Wall Street, and people like Big Al get richer and fatter.

Ain't this country great!

Ole Miss Rebels In Spotlight Again

Well, it is out, and it is the survey we have all been waiting for since the one published last year.

The Princeton Review's annual list of the top 20 party schools has West Virginia University rated number 1 for the first time since 1997. The Mountaineers ranked 3rd last year behind the University of Texas and Penn State. WVU has made the list seven times in the last 15 years. Way to go Mountaineers.

The dubious honor for West (by God) Virginia's largest university has come about much to the chagrin of administrators who have attempted to curb underage drinking and rowdy behavior.

I have never been to Morgantown, the home of WVU, but according to the city's official website 30 to 45 inches of snow can be expected each year, and the mean temps in January range from a high of 37 to a low of 21. It is cold and snowy up there and personal antifreeze must be much desired to confront the elements. Enough about the Mountaineers.

Now, maybe this will startle you or maybe you expected our own University of Mississippi to make the runner up spot on the list. Yes, you read that right -- #2 in the country. The Rebels can boast of being in the collegiate top 20 albeit not on the football field, baseball diamond or basketball court -- but that will be determined as 2007 and 2008 roll along. You know partying teams don't require coaches who are overpaid, so this number 2 ranking should please the powers at be in Oxford.

Also on the list the Rebels garnered the number 3 spot for "lots of hard liquor", number 4 for "students almost never studying" and number 10 for "lots of beer." Moms and Dads of those Oxford students have real reasons to be proud.

The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University , but is the New York- based company known for its test prep courses, educational services and books.

The Review ranks schools in 62 different categories which include Best Campus Food -- Virginia Tech; Most Beautiful Campus -- Sweet Briar; Dorms Like Palaces -- Smith College; Birkenstock-Wearing, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians and Tree Huggers -- Hampshire College.

As far as I could determine from the Princeton Review website, our beloved State did not make any of the top 20 list in any of the 62 rankings. I suppose MSU is a rather dull school, but we Dawgs know that it is a well-kept secret -- at least from the folks at the Princeton Review.

Our sincere thanks to the Ole Miss Rebels for once again putting the Magnolia State on the map.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Those "Baby Blues" Are A Plus

I have been absent from the blogging business for about a week now -- sorry to all my faithful readers but have been a little too busy, and I don't really like that. At my age I prefer a little more leisurely pace.

The following report had to be made public for those of you who might have missed it.

Recent studies, conducted by Louisville University professor Joanna Rowe, indicate that there is a link between eye color and academic achievement.

According to the report those of us who have "baby blues" appear to be better strategic thinkers, and we have a better reaction time. We are more likely to excel in activities which require skill in time structuring and planning. The study says that blue-eyed people should be better in golf, cross-country running and taking exams. I go against the norms in that I'm not very good at the sports part of this, but I am pretty good at taking exams.

Our brown-eyed cousins are more likely to be better at sports like football and hockey. I really don't know any brown-eyed girls who are very good at either -- wonder what they are good at?
I think that the study is leaning toward saying that blue eyes have the brains and brown eyes the brawn.

Rowe says that the distinction in eye color has been observed but, as yet, not explained. More study is going to be necessary. Do you suppose that Professor Rowe has anything else to do at Louisville, or is this her only calling in life?

Bedforshire University (England) psychology lecturer, Dr. Tony Fallone, says, "There is no scientific answer yet." But he has also studied eye color and believes it is a serious indicator of personality and ability.

Now I implore those of us who have blue eyes not to take a superior attitude, even though we clearly are -- look around you and do some studies for yourself. We do need to treat brown-eyed people with dignity and respect.

I am going to my favorite "people lab" place this afternoon and sit on one of those benches and do some serious research myself. I hope I don't appear to be weird in the Olive Branch WalMart as I stare into people's eyes and make notes in my journal. I may have to follow some of them around just to determine if they would seem to be better at football or exams. I don't want to go into this with any prejudice, but I'm thinking football may lead the WalMart pack, and some of them might even have blue eyes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto Dead At 89

The baseball world, and especially Yankee fans, have lost a legend as Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto died today, August 14, 2007.

Scooter played for New York for 11 seasons before his career was interrupted by his service in World War II. He rejoined the Yankees after his enlistment was over.

In 1950 Rizzuto received the honor of being named the American League Most Valuable Player. In 1994 he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and was until his death the oldest living member of the Hall.

"Holy Cow!" was his on-air pronouncement as he followed his baseball career with over 40 years as a broadcaster for the Yankees. He was forever a Yankee, whether on the field or in the broadcast booth.

Phil played along side Yankee greats like Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and many others. It was said that a Rizzuto bunt, a stolen base and a DiMaggio hit made up the scoring trademark of the Yankee's golden era.

When he returned to the diamond after the war in 1946, he went 58 games without an error making 288 straight successful plays. Rizzuto played erroless ball in 21 consecutive World Series games -- phenominal.

A debate always raged as to whether Phil or the Dodger's Pee Wee Reese was baseball's best short stop. You must know where my heart lies with this question.

Scooter tried out for both the crosstown Brooklyn Dodgers and the Yanks when he was only 16. Ironically Casey Stengel, then manager of the Dodgers, told him to "go get a shoeshine box." Rizzuto became one of Stengel's (when he became the Yankee manager) most dependable players.

I can still remember -- almost hear it -- when as a kid listening to the old Mutual Radio Broadcasting System's game of the day and "seeing" in my mind as if I were there Scooter's bunts, hits, steals and fantastic plays. I was proud to be a Yankee fan.

My hope now is that God has that golden diamond in Heaven all ready, and Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto can resume his position as the greatest shortstop major league baseball has ever known.

God bless you "Scooter."

Little Rock Or Bust!

Gosh, I'm dumb -- put in the title and hit enter instead of tab. I'm probably not going to live long enough to learn how to properly use a computer.

Anyway, on the Little Rock thing -- my boss and I are going over there Thursday and Friday to visit the Jason Hydrotherapy bathtub factory. Hydrotherapy is a big word meaning that it has water jets.

Jason also makes air tubs and/or a combination of air jets and water jets with optional remote control and mood lights. Now days one can really make bathing an experience. Also, they manufacture tubs with all of the above that will accommodate two people. If any of you are interested, let me know.

Remo V. Jacuzzi, owner of Jason, is going to treat us to dinner at Loca Luna and Graffiti's -- if any of you are familiar with Little Rock and these two restaurants, I would like a little review. If they are bad maybe I can smuggle in a Big Mac.


A Really Odd Bit of News

A Japanese bike rider rode for 1.2 miles after hitting a safety barrier and severing his leg. He said that he felt extreme pain upon hitting the barrier but did not notice his leg was missing. I suppose he peddled with one leg, but how on earth does one not miss a body part? A companion rider picked up the limb and took it to the hospital, but it was too badly crushed to re-attach.

This story is a little too weird, but it was reported by Rueters.

Chinese At It Again

Mattel, Inc. is recalling 7.5 million toys including Polly Pocket and Batman action figures plus and additional 1.5 million die-cast cars containing -- you guessed it -- too much lead in their paint. They apparently have failed to take my Sherwin-Williams advice posted earlier.

Here is the shocker. More than 80% of the toys sold worldwide are manufactured in China. It is to be expected that toys sellers are getting just a wee bit nervous over these Chinese problems.

Looks like Santa is going to be bringing just fruits and nuts this Christmas.

President Lincoln Had Facial Defect

A recent study that included laser scans of two life masks, made from plaster casts of Lincoln's face, revealed that the 16th president had an unusual degree of facial asymmetry.

We all knew that Old Abe was not a very handsome man, but the left side of his face was smaller than the right. For you medical people this is a condition known as cranial facial microsomia.

According to the report the ailment joined a long list of maladies that afflicted Lincoln including smallpox, heart disease and depression. However, nowhere in the study did it indicate that he suffered from "Clintonitis" -- a sexual appetite condition.

More news later.

Little Rock Or Bust!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Not Brent Shaeffer Again

Don't know how many of you out there are Ole Miss fans -- I hope not many. But for you Dawg fans, and I suspect there are hoards of you in the blog world, I have some breaking news from the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

The paper announced today at 1:12 P.M. the much (too much) heralded Brent Shaeffer, quarterback extraordinaire, who couldn't complete a pass last year has now lined up at wide receiver to try and catch some.

The article did not say whether Brent was going to throw the ball and then try and run under it, but I suppose that would be asking too much of even him.

Anyway, I hope that the reporters who wrote, "Shaeffer's Coming To Ole Miss" -- "Brent's Not Coming To Ole Miss" -- "When Is Shaeffer Coming To Ole Miss?" -- "Has Shaeffer Completed His Coursework So He Can Come To Ole Miss?" and the endless stories of the saga of Brent Shaeffer have run out of ink -- I can't stomach any more Brent Shaeffer stories.


Barry Bonds Has Worn Me Out!

Travis had a good post this morning about Hank Aaron's homerun record finally being broken after seemingly endless chances at the plate by a tainted Barry Bonds. Other athletic things were mentioned in the the post, and it bears reading.

Now let us baseball fans sit back, grab another beer and a couple of hot dogs and watch A-Rod break that record in a few years -- barring injury or some other calamity. Alex be de man.

In my comment to Travis's post I mentioned a couple of my Yankee heroes -- Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle who both swatted many a baseball out of the park under the influence of Johnny Walker or Jack Daniels -- two heroes of a different kind. I don't suppose steroids were in use back then. They did it with sheer muscle, timing and a little alcohol.

Since the Bonds' feat is over now we can go back to the more important people in the news -- Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears etal. After all, all of America hangs at the edge of seats wondering what will be next for these Hollywood role models.

What's Up With China?

This is kinda old news, but I think it needs rehashing a bit. It seems that the big Mattel recall, 1.5 million toys made in China may be the straw that broke the camel's back. The problem with this new set of recalls and crappy Chinese merchandise is too much lead in the paint. So I guess the Chinese leaders are going to have to get the lead out of their collective butts and bring about some sense to this nonsense.

First they were trying to poision all of our pets with that chemical in the food. What was that all about? Many, many other problems have arisen with Chinese-produced items. In June a whole bunch of toy trains had to be recalled -- you guessed it, the old too much lead in the paint situation.

I've got a solution for this leaded paint business. The Chinese need to hire Sherwin-Williams to load up a big boat with good paint, and we all know it is good, and sail to China. Apparently we in America don't know how to make toys anymore, and the Chinese don't know how to make paint. We need a little Chino-American cooperation for the safety of our kids.

There is some other stuff the Chinese can't get right -- toxic ingredients found in fish. Who would eat Chinese fish? If my catfish doesn't say "made in the Mississippi Delta" I ain't gonna eat it.

I once bought some "made in China" crawfish. I must have been stupid, and I apologize to my Cajun Coon-Ass friends in Louisiana. I promise I will never do that again.

How about that Chinese toothpaste? What is one of the last things you would think that America would import from China -- toothpaste? I just don't want Chinese taking over my bathroom. This toothpaste, it was reported, was used mostly in jails, so I guess that was part of the punishment. The judge might give the convicted 5 years and a case of Chinese toothpaste -- serves him or her right.

I'm not real smart when it comes to all of this international trade business, but it looks like a no brainer if you import more than you export. A trade deficit ain't good for the American economy or labor force. We can be more self-sufficient if we will prod our less than intelligent Senators and Congressmen to get the lead out of their butts and enact some legislation to make this trade business a more level playing field. As Americans we can be produce more of our own goods and not have to import all of this cheap-ass stuff from other countries.

Look at all of the foreign products in your local WalMart. That commercial giant would look like a ghost town without imported stuff. Another case in point -- one day I went to Fred's looking for three specific items I needed. I got them -- one was from Brazil, one from Indonesia and one from Taiwan. That is utterly rediculous.

Sorry I had to get on the old soap box today, but some things really do bother me. You'll hear more things that irk me as time goes on.

Have a nice day and buy something Chinese -- preferably something that is painted.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blogging Has Its Good Side

To my many (?) loyal fans I offer my sincere apologies for having this blog on hiatus since Monday, but since I started this piece of nonsense back in June I have logged in almost 50 posts -- the old brain is tired and sapped out -- had to have a rest. Plus material has gotten a little scarce.

This blogging business can get a little scary in that you sometimes gets comments from weird people and/or weird places -- I have gotten both. But what has really amazed me is there are readers whom one is surprised that they are wasting their time doing so. And then you hear from someone way back in your past -- people whom you have not forgotten about, but you did not expect for paths to cross on the internet.

I just got an e-mail the other day from someone I had taught with at the Amory Middle School in the 60's. We taught together one year, and the next year he was my principal, and he then moved on to bigger and better things. Eventually I did too. At least we would hope that, but maybe we might have been better off in that situation -- who knows?

He, being a blogger too, had stumbled across Not Without Some Thought. We exchanged a couple of e-mails and sort of caught up on the last 40 years. Part of that time we were not living that far from one another, but neither of us knew. Maybe we can get together in the not too distant future and really relive some old times.

In one of Terry's e-mails he mentioned that Lori had e-mailed him inquiring if I were the same person who was at AMS when she was a student. She had stumbled across my blog as well. What an absolute small world this is, and it is getting smaller and smaller.

We were in Aberdeen not long ago visiting with Melinda's parents, and we had gone out to a catfish place on Coontail Road (The Friendship House or Bill and Jim's -- it goes by both names).
A lady came by the table, and she and Melinda talked for a minute and later the subject of my blog comes up and she says, "Oh, I have read it -- I know who Little Daddy is." Makes you wonder if you posted anything that might cause some trouble if you ever go back to Aberdeen.

This is really such an enjoyable experience. I read primarily the blogs of Travis and Laurette and their friends. All of them, of course, are much younger than I but are very, very talented individuals and write some great, funny stuff. To me nothing can compare to a sharp wit, and these bloggers are endowed with it. Yall keep up the good work and keep me laughing.

If there are others out there from the past who happen to stumble across this blog, please give me a comment or e-mail and maybe we can relive some good old times. I look forward to it, but if I have wronged you in some way or owe you money, I am not that person at all -- you've got me confused with someone else.