Thursday, April 17, 2008

American Idol Is Addictive

There must be some of you out there who, like I, have become addicted to watching American Idol. It really is a showcase for some really good young singers. And, of course, a number of the contestants, win or lose, have gone on to become stars. As a case in point, I predicted that Kellie Pickler from season five would do great things in country music, and she recently won three awards at the CMA's.

As to this season, last night Christy Lee Cook was eliminated from the competition. I am again predicting that she has a future in country music. With her looks and singing ability she has got to be a winner. Good luck to her.

For those who remain, David Archuletta is more than likely going to win the whole thing. Randy, Paula and Simon have been very complimentary of his talent, but of course the fans who vote will make the final decision.

My favorite is Jason Castro. Jason has a good voice and an ability to play the guitar, piano and even the ukulele as he did in his version of "Over the Rainbow." But what about his looks -- those dreadlocks on a white boy -- when have you seen that? He is laid back and really gives the impression that he doesn't even know why he has made it this far.

What about Carley Smithson? That huge tatoo on her right arm is also strange. But she is star material as well.

Good things can also be said for the remaining contestants. Again I think it is a great opportunity for young people to make something of themselves. They should be role models for the millions of young people who watch American Idol, and God knows we need some good role models.

Even though I am sure many people think that American Idol is just another one of those reality shows that add nothing to society, but I beg to differ. Sure, those people who concocted the idea have made millions of dollars from their efforts, but I think they have made a tremendous contribution, particularly to teens thoughout the country.

Bravo to American Idol -- may it last longer than two more years as predicted by Simon.